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Kentucky Basketball: Ashton Hagans could care less about scoring, loves playing defense

UK fans are going to fall in love with Hagans.

Jeremy Chisenhall

No one really knew what to expect when the rumors of Ashton Hagans reclassification were swirling.

Now that he’s here, it takes the Kentucky backcourt to an entirely new level.

Based on his interview from “Meet the Wildcats,” not only is he excited to play for this team, but he’s confident that he will make a big impact this season.

“I know that I have to come out everyday in practice and fight for a starting spot. Even if I don’t start, just come in to practice and focus my mind on one thing and getting in shape with these guys I’m around. If I don’t start, I will still have a role on the team and I need to make sure I focus on that role.”

The one thing every Wildcat fan should know about Ashton’s game is his tenacity on the defensive side of the ball. He is a pest that can force turnovers and get in the heads of opponents.

“I could care less about scoring. You can see that I have the ball in my hands most of the time and I’d rather make the right plays than shooting the ball all the time. I’m a pass first guard and I love playing defense and picking up full court.”

Expectations are going to be extremely high this season, and every player is going to feel the pressure. With a loaded roster like this, you can expect all of the media attention to be on these Cats.

“We all understand what we came here for and we know what we’re trying to get.”

Ashton also noted that he decided to come to college early because he didn’t want to waste the opportunity. He saw how perfect he would fit into the system and there’s never any use of waiting for an opportunity, it’s about going out and doing it.

Seeing the mindset of each of these guys is very encouraging. Every time any of them talk it’s always about the team first. If they can keep that up, there’s no telling where this team can be in 6 months.

You can see the full video of Ashton’s interview here.