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Tyler Ulis filmed in Chicago working out with Bulls’ Jabari Parker

Ulis is still in the free agent pool and aiming to get a deal from an NBA team.

Photo by: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Tyler Ulis was filmed participating in some open run games in Chicago with newly signed Bulls forward, Jabari Parker.

Ulis looked sharp in the footage and as he remains in free agency looking for a team to sign him. Parker recently inked a two-year, $40 million dollar deal with the Chicago Bulls, leading some to speculate that maybe Ulis could be a potential target of the Bulls.

Both Parker and Ulis played high school basketball in Chicago. Parker attended Simeon High School, while Ulis went to Marian Catholic. It would be awesome to see Ulis get a chance to play in Chicago for the Bulls.

But at this point, there is not solid information to support that one team is trying to sign him more than another team.

There is really no telling where Ulis may end up. The Bulls have Kris Dunn and Cameron Payne on the roster, but Ulis could still add some depth at the point guard position if the Bulls are looking to make a change. I would prefer to see Ulis join Anthony Davis in New Orleans. It would be more fun watching him throw lobs to AD than it will be to former Duke star and rookie Wendell Carter.

Ulis was waived by the Suns at the end of June in what has been another crazy year of free agency in the NBA. Former Kentucky and Phoenix teammate Devin Booker was reportedly very unhappy he was not noticed of the release of his longtime friend. I could imagine why Booker would be upset that he wasn’t at a minimum notified of the intention of the organization to release Ulis, especially after the Suns have made comments about making Booker more involved in future plans.

After committing to paying Booker $158 million dollars over 5 years, you would think that management would be interested in keeping their star player happy.

Scott Bordow of The Arizona Republic wrote this about Booker’s frustration.

“Booker was upset with the Suns’ front office that he wasn’t given a heads-up about the decision. Ulis and Booker have been best friends since they played together at Kentucky. The source said Booker was more upset about the lack of communication than he was Ulis’ release.”

Ulis found his name in the news recently for the wrong reasons recently when security camera footage surfaced of an elevator scuffle involving both Booker and Ulis. In the video you can see Ulis getting into a fight with several men before Booker comes running in. I can’t imagine this is the sort of thing that an NBA GM wants to see but Ulis is known for being feisty.

Check out the 2 minute clip below.

Uis was the 34th pick overall in 2016 and had a solid rookie year with the Suns averaging 7.3 points and 3.7 assists per game. Offseason ankle surgery somewhat put a halt to his second year in the league. During his time in Phoenix, Ulis was productive in his minutes and showed signs of potential to have a long career in the NBA.

I believe Ulis can make an NBA coach very happy if he can somehow land in a good situation for him.

I will have to admit when Ulis was first signed with Kentucky his size had me skeptical about his potential to have a real NBA career. But he obviously proved me and many others wrong with his toughness and leadership during his two years in Lexington. I could imagine a scenario where in 10 years we are discussing Ulis as a crafty veteran who has made his mark on professional hoops.