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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Football Objectives Edition

What should Kentucky’s football objectives be for 2018? Here are a few that we should be able to agree on.

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Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, and welcome to the Tuesday Morning Quickies.

SEC Media Days are finally here for the 2018 football season, and in honor of that, we’ll be talking about football a bit today, and some goals I would like to see us achieve this season, along with a hopefully-rational view of how realistic they are.

Defeat Florida

Number one on any list of Kentucky goals for the season should be to defeat the Florida Gators. As we all know too well, the last time Kentucky defeated Florida was in 1986 in Commonwealth Stadium. This season Kentucky plays in Gainesville, a place where the Wildcats have not won since Fran Curci stalked the sidelines in 1979.

I place the chance of Kentucky pulling this off at about 25%. Kentucky should have a good enough team to be competitive, and Florida has a new coach. Will it be enough? Odds are against it, but hope springs eternal and lightning’s bound to strike sometime.

Another bowl game

At Kentucky’s level, reaching bowl eligibility must be a goal every year. This would be UK’s third in a row if that happens, and that’s not insignificant. Three in a row would be an apparent return to the success of the early part of the last decade.

I place the chances of this happening at 75%. UK has more than enough winnable games, and a couple of unlikely but not impossible upset chances.

Beat Tennessee for the second straight season

The Vols are rebuilding, and Kentucky needs to take advantage of that. Beating Tennessee has been historically hard, and we need to make this former rivalry competitive again. Two wins in a row would go a long way toward getting that in motion.

I place the odds of accomplishing this at 60%. Tennessee’s rebuilding and Kentucky’s relative experience should be able to overcome the checkerboards.

Winning record in the SEC

Kentucky has at least eight and arguably nine winnable games on the schedule, and gets most of its softer foes at home. To accomplish a winning SEC season, the Wildcats would have to win at least two road games. There are two winnable road games out there, and an upset could happen at Florida or Texas A&M.

I place the odds of this goal at 20%. The Wildcats’ history argues against it.

Defeat Louisville

No more Lamar Jackson means UK has a solid chance to go into Cardinal Stadium and pull off the win.

I place the odds of this at around 50%.

Win their bowl game

Assuming UK achieves bowl eligibility, which looks likely going in, winning becomes important. “Just happy to be here” probably was worthwhile for the first couple of years, but now actual success becomes much more important.

I place the odds of this around 50%, and that’s just from my nether regions. We have no idea what kind of game, if any, we’ll be in post-season, or what the relative conditions of the teams will be.

So that’s what I have on that score. I am looking forward to this football season, I think Kentucky has a chance to be pretty good, and maybe even a little better than that if they can stay healthy.

Tweets of the Morning

Interesting stuff. I remember I had never seen anything like Rex Chapman at the time, either. He was a sensation.

Oh, the halcyon days of yore.

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