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Kentucky Basketball Recruiting: James Wiseman reclassifying is still possible, per report

A report suggests Wiseman may still end up in college next season.

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The James Wiseman reclassification hype is starting back up.

After it initially died off in the spring, the potential for Wiseman to be on a college campus next season is picking up some steam again as the summer rolls on.

In an interview with Larry Vaught, reporter Krysten Peak said there is still a chance Wiseman — the No. 1 overall recruit in 2019 — moves into the Class of 2018.

You would think that would be great news for Kentucky, who was long believed to be the favorite for Wiseman before Memphis hired his former coach, Penny Hardaway.

Even since then, several recruiting experts had still picked Kentucky as Wiseman’s likely destination for college.

Not Peek.

“There have been some rumors that Wiseman could possibly still reclassify to the 2018 class by the end of the summer. If that’s the case, Penny Hardaway and Memphis have a real shot in landing one of the top forwards in the class. I know Hardaway is close with Wiseman and although Kentucky is still in the race, if the reclassification rumors are true, Memphis could come out on top,” Peek said.

Memphis has been the school to receive 11 straight predictions in the 247 Sports Crystal Ball, so there’s certainly a real chance he picks the Tigers.

Personally, I think Kentucky may actually hope Wiseman does move into 2018. While Memphis may have momentum, they’re also a big unknown right now until Hardaway actually coaches a game next season.

Is Wiseman going to commit to a program that’s not been the Big Dance since 2014 and a coach who’s never won a college game as a coach?

Maybe, but you have to think Kentucky is also in a good spot if he does decide now. Either way, I think Wiseman is going to stay in the 2019 class and may not even decide until the spring.

If Wiseman does reclassify and picks Memphis, it will at least give Kentucky more time to prioritize other bigs in the 2019 cass. Guys like Isaiah Stewart and Aidan Igiehon are great players who Kentucky hasn’t offered yet in part because they feel good about their chances with Wiseman while also making a strong push for Vernon Carey.

Where do you think Wiseman ends up and in what class?

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