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Friday Quickies: Checkerboard Edition

Tennessee will no longer have the checkerboard pattern on its football uniforms. Should Kentucky get away from the checkerboard?

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Volunteers are doing something with its football uniform that Kentucky fans have been begging the Wildcats do with their basketball uniform: The Volunteers are ditching the checkerboard.

Tennessee has been famous for its checkerboard pattern in its end zone, but the pattern that has become symbolic for the university will no longer be on the players’ helmets, jerseys or pants. This is something that Kentucky fans have been begging UK to do to the basketball jerseys the last two years.

Kentucky has actually received a decent amount of praise from outside outlets on their basketball jerseys. Most fans seem to hate the current style.

With Tennessee ditching that look in football, it gives UK football a bit more of a unique look, as they now have one of the more visually appealing checkerboard football jerseys.

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