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Tyrese Maxey still battling ankle injury; may miss rest of Peach Jam

Maxey still has ankle issues from his Team USA stint.

USA Basketball

Kentucky’s future point guard Tyrese Maxey has been making noise at Peach Jam, but an ankle injury may cut his time there short.

Per KSR’s TJ Walker, Maxey is still battling an ankle injury he suffered while playing for Team USA and if it doesn’t begin to feel better, he will sit out the rest of the weekend.

Maxey is as competitive as they come, and it’s one of the reasons he will certainly be a fan favorite in Lexington, but he also will have to take the ankle injury seriously. Those type of injuries can be nagging if not properly rested, and while Maxey will find it difficult to sit on the sidelines, it will probably be better for him long-term to rest and let the ankle heal.

Let’s hope he has a quick recovery, and is able to get back to 100 percent soon. Maxey certainly seems to be a guy that fans will rally around and it’s really cool to have him committed early on to follow through the summer and his senior season.

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