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PJ Washington answers some questions from the BBN

PJ tuses Instagram to answer questions from fans, including a controversial take on Lexington food.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Instagram recently added a feature that allows people to put up a “ask me a question” option and PJ Washington decided to do it Tuesday and people sent him several questions about various topics.

Some people decided to ask him about gaming and the biggest game right now, Fortnite.

Others wanted to ask some questions about Lexington or other things that he likes or enjoys doing.

Some people wanted to talk about when PJ will be back and the upcoming season.

Unfortunately, as usual we always have the few fans that have to use this opportunity to ask or make comments that just are not necessary and rude. PJ decided to respond to a few of those people as well.

It is annoying that we have “fans” that think it is a good idea to send some things like this to our players. They are kids and people should think about how sending some things over social media makes our fan base look. We are better than that.