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Could John Calipari coach into his 70s?

Calipari actually talked about possibly coaching into his 70s.

NCAA Basketball: Stephen F. Austin at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

John Calipari may not even be 60 yet, but he’s already talking about the potential of coaching into his 70s.

During a radio interview with KSR, the 59-year-old Calipari joked about possibly coaching into his 70s if he has the energy to reach that feat.

“If I don’t have the energy to do it, I shouldn’t be coaching here, but I’m good,” said Calipari. “75 or 76, there will be a lot of games between then and now. I’m gonna have to go back for another contract if I’m going to coach that long.”

Calipari actually did talk about coaching into his 70s during a 2015 interview. He also has consistently said his plan is to coach at UK for the rest of his career, despite frequent interest from NBA teams (though that’s lessened in recent years).

Most college coaches go well into their late 60s before retiring.

Some make it well into their 70s, though that’s usually Hall of Fame-caliber coaches like Mike Krzyzewski, Bobby Knight, Jim Boeheim, and Jim Calhoun.

Calipari has certainly established himself in that class of coaches, but will he actually coach for that long?

I would venture to say he won’t, but at the rate Calipari is going, he probably would be selling himself short if he’s not coaching into his mid-to-late 60s. He’ll turn 60 next February, so we should probably expect to see him for at least 3-4 more years in Lexington.

Then again, Calipari is a very unique coach, so maybe he decides to retire a little earlier than most coaches do, though it’s unheard for a coach that wins 81-percent of his games in a Power 5 conference to retire in his early 60s.

How much longer do you think Calipari will coach at UK?