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Kentucky Wildcats Quickies: Boogie to LA? Edition

LA making a pitch for Boogie, Tyler Ulis no longer in Phoenix, UK basketball faces rare challenge, more NBA free agency madness!

New Orleans Pelicans v Washington Wizards Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

As NBA free agency ramps up, the rumors are going to start to fly. Last night, a rumor involving a Kentucky Wildcat started to pick up traction.

In an effort to lure LeBron James to the LA Lakers, the team is trying to attract other great players as well. One of the players targeted is apparently DeMarcus Cousins.

The deal would be a one year max contract for Cousins. Lebron has admired Cousins’ talent and called him the best big man in the NBA. I think he is definitely on the short list along with teammate Anthony Davis.

I would love for Boogie to stay a New Orleans Pelican as it would be neat to see how good that team could have been in the postseason with both AD and Cousins.

Tweets of the Day

Happy birthday and good luck in the upcoming fall camp!

Future UK QB is all in on the glamour shots.

John Calipari has been the best coach at embracing the history of the program since Joe B. Hall.


Paul George to remain with Oklahoma City | ESPN- We will get to the Kentucky news in a moment but this was easily the biggest news of the day. George staying with the Thunder means that there won’t be a superteam in LA that includes both him and Lebron James, which was the prevailing thought.

Tyler Ulis waved by Phoenix | Bright Side of the Sun- Ulis is a victim of free agency as the Suns will free up $18.5 million in cap space. The dream team of Booker and Ulis is dead. But in good news Brandon Knight is back with the team.

2018/2019 Cats facing unique challenge | Lexington Herald Leader- The Cats will face the premier blue bloods of college basketball this season when they face Duke, North Carolina, and Kansas. The last time that happened was the 1969-1970 season when Adolph Rupp, Dan Issel, and Mike Pratt went 3-0 against them.

Eleven Wildcats on summer league rosters | Cats Pause- If you are itching for some Wildcat basketball then look no further than the NBA summer league. It starts this week and there are multiple chances to catch some of your favorite UK players.

A look at UK’s 2019 basketball targets | Courier-Journal- Calipari already has two locked in for 2019 but he is looking to add more to form a super class. With the Peach Jam on the horizon, who is Calipari honing in on for the next recruiting class?

LouCity FC says farewell to coach | WDRB- The head coach of the minor league soccer franchise is stepping up to coach the MLS team in Orlando. That’s about all of the reaction you will get from me.

Warriors already winning free agency | CBS- Kevin Durant re-upped with Golden State, LA Loses out on George, and the Rockets lose out on Trevor Ariza. Gag.

Messi and Ronaldo both exit World Cup on same day | BBC- This is the equivalent of Lebron and Durant both being swept out of the second round of the NBA playoffs.

WWE star Matt Cappotelli dies | Sporting News- The winner of the WWE reality series Tough Enough died due to a second bout with brain cancer at the age of 38.

Chris Paul gets 4 year max deal with Rockets | ESPN- A healthy Chris Paul could have made the difference in the Western Conference Finals. Maybe the Rockets will get another crack at it net season.

DeAndre Jordan agrees to one year deal with Mavericks | Remember all of the drama when Jordan was set to sign with Dallas years ago and then Blake Griffin locked him in a room until the signing deadline passed? Yeah.