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New sales tax will increase cost of Kentucky ticket prices

The approval of a new state sales tax means an increase in cost of UK athletics events.

field A Sea of Blue

Kentucky ticket prices are going up, thanks to a new 6-percent state sales tax on admission tickets to events hosted by non-profits.

UK athletics has confirmed that this will affect ticket prices, as they said they confirmed this with their internal legal counsel in a release on Friday.

This new sales tax will go into affect on Sunday. It will affect all season tickets and single-game tickets. Any ticket purchases made before this legislation is implemented will not be affected, UK athletics said.

UK football single-game tickets are set to go on sale July 3. They will have the sales tax included on them when they go on sale on Ticketmaster. The current listed prices on Kentucky’s website are in the process of being updated to include the tax.

While this is going to cause an uptick in the cost of attending UK events, it’ll bring in a massive amount of revenue for the state. UK’s attendance is nearing 1 million total spectators across all sports each year.

Single-game tickets for UK football’s season opener against Central Michigan currently range from $30-$65. If the price increase accounts for only the 6-percent tax, it would increase the range to $31.80-$68.90.

Currently, the most expensive single-game football ticket on UK’s website is $80 in Zone 1 when the Georgia Bulldogs come to town. This increase would bump the price up to $84.80, so it’s not too much of an increase there.

What are your thoughts on the new sales tax for UK sporting events?