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Rupp Arena upgrades approved, will be done by 2021

Rupp Arena is getting a major overhaul that will cost $241 million.

Remember the massive Rupp Arena construction plan that was going to make the arena and convention center look totally brand new?

Well, it’s now on track to be done by 2021, as the Lexington Center Board approved the hiring of Messer Construction to do the renovations for $241 million.

There are no major changes from the original designs put together by NBBJ Architects and EOP Architects, which you can see a video of below.

The massive “reinvention” will make the arena, and the entire surrounding area, look brand new.

“In my first major speech as mayor I said we needed to upgrade our convention center and make it world class like the city deserves,” Mayor Jim Gray said in a statement, according to Tom Eblen of the Lexington Herald-Leader. “It’s just beautiful that this giant step forward is happening today.”

Construction will begin next month and will finish up in late 2021, according to the Herald-Leader.