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John Calipari fills office with puppies after Louisville fan says he hates puppies

Never again say Cal doesn’t like puppies.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-South Regional Practice Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

In his time at Kentucky, John Calipari has gotten pretty good at proving people wrong.

You tell him one-and-done doesn’t work, he wins a National Championship with a freshman star. You tell him Jahlil Okafor is the next great talent in the NBA, he gives you Karl-Anthony Towns.

And if you tell him he hates puppies, well he does this.

Yes, he filled his office with puppies because a Louisville fan held up a sign at the Today Show that read “John Calipari hates puppies. Go Cards!!”

What other choice did he have?

So I think it’s pretty clear now that John Calipari definitely does not hate puppies. He even used this as an opportunity to promote the Lexington Humane Society—who helped organize this —for their adoption services.

Still waiting for a response from the Louisville fan who made the original accusation. I’d have to think he’ll retract it now.