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USA Today looks at UK targets that could be lottery picks

Tyrese Maxey looks like a lottery pick in whatever draft he’s part of.

USA Basketball

The USA Today just dropped a mock lottery that projects which high school prospects would get selected in the lottery if they were only picking high school players from the 2019 and 2020 classes

Well, you guessed it, there’s a few Kentucky targets and one commit that made the list. Here are the notable names:

  • James Wiseman - 1st - Target
  • Vernon Carey - 2nd - Target
  • Tyrese Maxey - 11th - Commit
  • Matthew Hurt - 14th - Target

The more we dive into the 2019 class the more we’re seeing just how stacked it is. There are a few other players on the list that Kentucky has shown interest in, but these are the four guys of the 14 that they’ve gone after the hardest, with one already committing.

Tyrese Maxey has worked his butt off to get where he is on this list. He’s also listed as the 11th best player in the 2019 class according to 247’s rankings. Seeing him excel in the Team USA workouts and ultimately making the U-18 team is special and should get all of BBN excited for his arrival on campus.

As for the other guys, if Kentucky can land two out of the three listed as targets above that would set 2019 up to be another special year. And remember, we’re only talking about recruits, this doesn’t include any of the potential returns from next years team.

Cal has gone on a frenzy as of late and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The future is looking bright for Kentucky Basketball!

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