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Twitter reacts to Kentucky Wildcats in the 2018 NBA Draft

A night of lifelong dreams being realized.


Congrats to all of the young men who were drafted on fulfilling a lifetime dream last night. It’s so special to see each of these guys achieve something they’ve been working towards for so long.

Last night we saw four out of the five Kentucky guys that submitted their name get drafted! There were a few trades, but here’s how it looks for each Cat as of now:

9. Kevin Knox - New York Knicks

11. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander - Los Angeles Clippers

41. Jarred Vanderbilt - Denver Nugget

45. Hamidou Diallo - Oklahoma City Thunder

Let’s take a look at what the mood on Twitter was before, during, and after such a special night.

Awesome video that perfectly describes Kevin’s mood as he was getting ready for the biggest night of his life.

To see how far Jarred has come is unbelievable. He’s worked his tail off and to see where he ended up, being taken 41st overall, after all the injury struggles is awesome!

Shai went from no expectations of anything to becoming the 11th pick in the draft. His work ethic should inspire everyone.

Rex always comes in with the hot takes, but this tweet should show just how special of a program this is.

It’s awesome to see fellow teammates support each other. Now it’s time for Jemarl to get their next year!

After not getting selected, Wenyen took to Twitter to make sure every GM in the NBA knew they’d regret not taking him. Good luck to him as he continues to pursue his professional career.

Coach Cal tweeted a series of these videos to congratulate his guys on fulfilling their dreams. He always preaches family at UK and these videos are just more proof of it.

These series of tweets were sent this morning and it’s exactly what you want to see from your coach. He congratulates his players on moving and makes sure he addresses what’s going to happen moving forward.

Last night was amazing! Now, it’s time to focus on winning a championship and doubling the number of guys drafted this year, for next year.