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Kevin Knox impressing in NBA workouts, drawing comparisons to Jayson Tatum and Paul George

Knox even “kicked around Miles Bridges” in a recent pre-draft workout.

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Boston Celtics wing Jayson Tatum was a top-three rookie this year, and when you factor in his playoff performance, he may have showed that he has the highest ceiling of anyone in his loaded rookie class.

So, it should come as a compliment, then, when former Wildcat Kevin Knox draws comparisons to Tatum.

Comparing the two physically, they’re awfully similar. Knox stands 6-9 with shoes, Tatum stands 6-8 and 1/4. Knox weighs 213, Tatum weighed 204 at Duke. Knox has a 6-11 and 34 wingspan, Tatum has a 6-11 wingspan.

But going beyond the physical comparisons, the two have very similar games. They both can handle the ball, drive to the basket and space the floor. They’re both excellent combo forwards.

Even John Calipari has noticed the similarities.

“People knew he (Tatum) was good, they didn’t know he was that tough, and Kevin falls into that same mode right now,” said Cal. “When that toughness sprouts out, that’s when everybody says, ‘How did we pass on this guy?’”

Tatum went third, but he’s already miles ahead of Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball, the two draftees picked ahead of him. It won’t be surprising if the Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers end up with regret for passing on him.

Calipari expects the same for Knox.

“There are going to be teams that pass on him (Knox), and people are going to say two years from now, ‘Why would we have passed on him?’” Calipari said.

Knox having a rookie year like Tatum’s would be a dream scenario (Tatum averaged 13.9 points and five rebounds, and posted a player efficiency rating of 15.29), and his ceiling may not be as high.

But Knox is just 18 years old (Calipari also noted that he’s the youngest player in the draft).

That gives him at least a 1-2 year advantage over the guys getting drafted around him in terms of time to develop. That can only help his ceiling.

Even DraftExpress thinks Knox compares well to Tatum, but there’s also a little Paul George in the UK star’s game:

Knox impressing in pre-draft workouts is certainly helping fuel these comparisons. Knox recently had a great workout with the New York Knicks, where he outplayed Michigan State stat Miles Bridges.

“He had a terrific workout, even kicked around Miles Bridges, who is a couple of years older than him,’’ an NBA source told the New York Post.

This is actually significant news for Knox. For much of the pre-draft process, Bridges has been consistently projected to go in that 8-11 range ahead of Knox, but it sounds like the latter is moving past the former on big boards. The Knicks also hold the No. 9 pick, which now appears to now be a very realistic spot for the UK star.

Knox will find out his draft fate Thursday. He’s a likely lottery pick, and the recent buzz suggests he could sneak into the top 10.

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