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Benny Snell closing in on UK rushing record

A look at how close Benny Snell is to being the rushing king in UK lore.

Jeremy Chisenhall

It might be easy to forget about the concept that UK Football has one of the best offensive players in the SEC on their roster.

So much so, in fact, as an upcoming junior, he is in a position to become the leading rusher in UK history. I’m talking about Benny Snell, of course, and while he gets plenty of love from fans and media alike, some might overlook just how good Snell has been for the Cats.

Let this serve as a reminder: With 2,424 yards already under his belt, Snell only needs 1,411 yards to surpass Sonny Collins as the school’s all-time leading rusher.

Oh, and he’s already UK’s leader in rushing touchdowns with 32. Keep in mind, that particular record was broken in only two seasons.

In order to catch Collins, Snell will have to average over 110 yards a game in his third, and possibly last season as a Wildcat. Not an easy feat to be sure, especially in the SEC. That said, considering he’s already surpassed the rushing touchdown mark, it might not be wise to bet against him.

Here’s a quick look at where Snell stands in the UK rushing record list, courtesy of

Run Benny, Run!!!
Climbing the chart

Too bad an overzealous referee in last year’s bowl game made Benny’s task a little harder.

With all the work Benny has clearly put in for this program, it would be nice to reward him with a bowl win (And maybe a winning record in the SEC? How about .500? Is 4-4 too much to ask???), especially if this is his last season in Blue.

What are your thoughts? Will Benny be the all-time leading rusher when he leaves UK? H

These questions and more will be answered on the next episode of UK Football, which begins anew on September 1st.