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Will alcohol soon be sold in SEC Football stadiums?

Kentucky and Georgia want to keep the ban on alcohol sales.

Jeremy Chisenhall

It doesn’t appear that the topic of alcohol sales to the general public at SEC athletic events will come up for a vote at this year’s SEC Annual Meetings in Destin.

And according to a Sports Illustrated report by Ross Dellenger, Kentucky and Georgia seem to be the biggest advocates of keeping the current rule that disallows alcohol sales to the general public as it is.

“As many as eight SEC schools fall in the undecided portion of the debate, and as many as three others have school presidents against it. Kentucky and Georgia are the strongest advocates to keep the policy as is.

Although alcohol is prohibited from being sold to the general public, Kroger Field has undergone renovations to make room for more clubs and suites, where (of course) alcohol is sold.

Tides seem to be turning when it comes to the issue. According to that report, more and more schools are selling alcohol during games to the general public with around 40 schools offering at least beer and alcohol being sold at bowl games with SEC ties, such as the Cotton Bowl.

Other schools, like LSU, are in favor of changing the rules, according to the report.

With the SEC being the only major conference that is holding on to this rule, it seems like a matter of time before it changes. The question just becomes when, and who leads the charge? Do you think Kentucky should change its stance and be in support of selling alcohol at Kroger Field?