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Kentucky gaming team headed to Heroic Four to compete for scholarship money

And they say Kentucky is a basketball school.

Kentucky at Heroic Four 2017
Blizzard Entertainment

For the second year in a row, the University of Kentucky is represented in the Heroic Four at Blizzard Entertainment’s annual “Heroes of the Dorm” competition. Teams from over 300 colleges and universities competed this year in Heroes of the Storm, an online team game where characters from various Blizzard games battle it out.

The Heroic Four will take place on May 12th at Blizzard Arena Los Angeles, and there is a lot of money on the line. The winning team will receive full tuition scholarships for their college careers.

Kentucky’s team name is “Scratch ‘Em,” and they fell just short of the prize a year ago. But they return several team members and have more experience than any other team at the Heroic Four this time around.

Team members for Scratch ‘Em this year are:

Mike Dittert (Quonzar), Chemistry Major

Michael Pina (Zabutak), Mechanical/Computer Engineering Double Major

Roger Dittert (RogerThat), Nursing Major

Daniel Pina (Piccaboo), Psychology Major

Noah Overby (Gogoing), Mechanical Engineering Major

Travis Conley (DarkShadow), Computer Science Major

Blizzard has this to say about Scratch ‘Em, the only remaining team with Heroic Four experience:

“This year everyone has their eyes on the #3 seed, the University of Kentucky, with a large number of brackets predicting them to make it to the Heroic Four. Last year, the world refused to give them much of a chance – and now it’s time for Kentucky to stand up and make their mark.”

If they are able to pull it off, these Kentucky students will take home hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarship money. I am sure they will represent Big Blue Nation well.

Click here for viewing information if you are interested in following along and cheering on team Scratch ‘Em.