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UK Basketball Recruiting: Tyrese Maxey not a done deal to reclassify?

Some think Tyrese Maxey may stay in th 2019 class.

Tyrese Maxey is the latest of many 2019 guards to be a potential reclass target for 2018.

UK has visited Maxey multiple times since the fall while also watching him at seemingly every AAU game he’s playing in the spring thus far. He’s now set to make his decision on May 9 on which school he’s attending, and he’s also expected to decide if he’ll stick in 2019 or move into 2018.

Maxey has been seen by most to be an obvious UK commit, but not everyone thinks he will reclassify from the 2019 class.

247 Sports reporter Andrew Slater indicated he thinks there’s a better chance Maxey stays in 2019. Rivals reporter Corey Evans seemed to agree:

Ben Roberts of the Lexington Herald-Leader seems to be hearing the same:

If Maxey were to reclassify he would be joining an already very heavy guard class at the university. A busy backcourt could be bad for a particular guard, Quade Green, who already considered a transfer to a new school.

The good news is Green decided to stay for now after John Calipari met with him recently to give him a boost of confidence. Calipari told him that he would be a key part of the team and that he wants him to stay.

If Quade were to leave there would be a plethora of talent to fill his shoes. There is one thing that none of these new players can bring to the table that he can, experience.

Perhaps Calipari thinks Green could still end up transferring if Maxey joins the fray in 2018, so maybe UK is now pushing for him to stay in 2019.

Maxey does bring at least one skill that he would outshine Quade with, scoring. Maxey is an elite scorer, but he doesn’t have the court vision or ball handling skills of Quade.

What’s also interesting about this development with Maxey is it comes right after UK offered a scholarship to Jalen Lecque, another 2019 guard that could move into 2018.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll know what Maxey is doing by Wednesday.