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Kentucky Basketball Recruiting: Tyrese Maxey updates recruitment, potential reclassification

Tyrese Maxey is looking to make a decision soon, but he’s staying patient and ensuring the right call is made.

Tyrese Maxey may be leaning toward joining the Kentucky Wildcats, but he’s not ready to make a final decision just yet.

In an interview with Pat Lawless of Prep Circuit, Maxey admitted that decision would come soon, but he’s still taking his time to make sure the right call is made. He also talked about the benefits of moving into 2018 or staying in the 2019 class.

“The positives of going 2018 is possibly reaching your dreams faster and getting to go against the best competition in the world,” said Maxey. “The pros of going 2019 is finishing out my senior year with my friends at school and try and win a state championship for that last ride. Also to do all the fun things you do your senior year with your friends.”

Maxey also revealed his list of five schools in consideration, which includes the Michigan State Spartans, Texas Longhorns, Oklahoma State Cowboys and Michigan Wolverines. Still, UK is viewed as the heavy favorite, and the odds favor him being on the 2018-19 roster.

Maxey is currently one of the top players in the Class of 2019, but over the last month, there has been rampant speculation that he was poised to move into the 2018 class. And while other schools have remained in the running, UK has been standing out for him in recent months.

What’s interesting about Maxey is he’s a very good scorer and slasher that could easily be a 2 in college. In fact, Rivals and ESPN list him as a shooting guard, so perhaps he’d be more of a replacement for Hamidou Diallo, who has left for the NBA Draft.

Be sure to read Maxey’s full interview with Prep Circuit.

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