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Kentucky Football: 6 Wildcats named Preseason All-SEC

Benny Snell and Mike Edwards are first team; how is Josh Allen third team?!

Jeremy Chisenhall

Athlon Sports just named their preseason All-SEC teams and the Kentucky Wildcats had six players named.

The Wildcats recognized were:

  • Benny Snell, first team running back
  • Mike Edwards, first team safety
  • C.J. Conrad, second team tight end
  • Lynn Bowden, third team all-purpose
  • Bunchy Stallings, third team offensive guard
  • Josh Allen, third team linebacker

Overall, Kentucky finished tied for ninth in terms of number of players selected on the preseason all-conference teams. Georgia led the way with 13, followed by Alabama at 11 and (surprisingly) Missouri, also tied with 11. Vanderbilt had the fewest players listed with 4.

  1. Georgia- 13
  2. Alabama- 11
  3. Missouri- 11
  4. Miss. State- 9
  5. Texas A&M- 9
  6. Florida- 8
  7. South Carolina- 8
  8. Arkansas- 7
  9. Kentucky- 6
  10. Ole Miss- 6
  11. Tennessee- 6
  12. Auburn- 5
  13. LSU- 5
  14. Vanderbilt- 4

Just a few quick notes:

  • Benny Snell absolutely deserves to be first team at running back. There is a legitimate debate that he could be the best running back in the conference, along with Damien Harris at Alabama. It’s good to see Snell recognized nationally for the talent he is.
  • How is Josh Allen third team? Allen is projected as a first round pick in next year’s NFL Draft, and for good reason. He had seven sacks last season and was named Associated Press All-SEC Second Team last season. I’m a little surprised Allen isn’t at least second team.
  • CJ Conrad has a lot of hype coming into this season following a season-ending injury last season. Mel Kiper Jr. had him tabbed as the best tight end in the draft, and Athlon has him Second Team All-SEC. This should be the year Conrad really makes a name for himself.

For the full list of selections, you can find that here.