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Kentucky Basketball: Tyrese Maxey recruiting update, roundtable and predictions

We break down the impact Tyrese Maxey would have on UK, plus the latest on his recruitment and what we think he’ll ultimately do.

Some recruiting outlets list five-star Texan Tyrese Maxey as the No. 3 shooting guard in the 2019 class. Others have him ranked as the No. 2 point guard behind Kentucky commit Ashton Hagans.

But they all agree on one thing: Maxey is a stud.

Maxey has not released a final list of schools he will consider, but despite offers the in-state Texas Longhorns and Texas Tech Red Raiders, the SMU Mustangs have long been considered the Kentucky Wildcats’ only competition for his services.

And since his father left his staff position there less than a month ago, many expect him to be playing his college basketball in Lexington.

That is not the only question with Maxey, however. He has openly talked about the fact that John Calipari has asked him to reclassify to the 2018 class. That is obviously a complex process, but Maxey seems to be one of many mulling the jump to college a year early.

Could Maxey join what is looking like an all-time back court in Lexington next season? We are hearing that a decision could be coming soon.

Take a look at A Sea of Blue’s staff predictions below.

Jason Marcum

First off, while Tyrese Maxey is likely to pop soon, a source tells A Sea of Blue that it could still take a few more weeks before he’s ready decide, and he may just announce a top five list of schools this week.

At the most recent Nike EYBL event, Maxey made it sound like he could pop this week, but for now, it looks like his decision won’t come that soon.

Even so, Maxey is widely expected to pick the Cats at some point this spring or summer. He may be waiting until the spring AAU season ends before making a final call. He’s said he’ll be able to finish his classes by June 28th and reclassify if he so chooses.

That’s great news for UK, who will be off to the Bahamas for another exhibition tour in August. It’s looking like Ashton Hagans won’t get his coursework done in time to make the trip, so having Maxey would be a big plus.

While UK is bringing in Immanuel Quickley and Tyler Herro, I think there’s a very real chance Maxey is better than them and makes a bigger impact as a freshman.

However, I’m not sold that Maxey is a real threat to be the starting point guard. He’s one of the most dangerous guards in 2019 when he has the ball in his hands, but he operates more like a combo guard that should begin his college career as a shooting guard.

Saying this, I do believe Maxey can develop into a very good point guard and play that at the next level. It just may take a few years before he’s ready to play at the level while running an offense.

However he’s used, Maxey will make a big impact at UK, regardless of what class he’s part of.

Prediction: Picks Kentucky, reclassifies into 2018.

James Streble

It’s a foregone conclusion that Tyrese Maxey is going to commit to Kentucky, but the question remains if he will be playing for John Calipari in 2018 or 2019.

Maxey has gone back and forth a little bit as to whether or not he is going to reclassify but the latest indications are that he is going to be a part of the team next season. He’s recently talked about playing with fellow 2019 (future 2018) point guard Ashton Hagans.

Maxey is a very talented guard and is ranked as the third-best point guard in the Class of 2019. He will give Cal four five star point guards next season: Maxey, Hagans, Immanuel Quickley, and Quade Green.

The question is how is Cal going to divvy up the time between the guys. My guess is that he will move Green over to the two guard position full time and possibly put Maxey there with Tyler Herro as well.

Calipari is going to have an embarrassment of riches at the guard position and it’s going to be fascinating to see how he works it out.

Prediction: Picks Kentucky, reclassifies into 2018.

Tevis Woolery

If anyone can manage six high level point guards on the same roster, it is Calipari. You worry as a fan whether or not someone like Immanuel Quickley or Quade Green, who as we know almost transferred already, becomes frustrated with the situation if they were to see their minutes fall from what they expected.

Regardless, adding Maxey to this year’s class is one of the best problems you can have. He’s athletic, is developing consistency to his jumper, and should be a step up at the shooting guard position. He appears to be a lock to Kentucky no matter when he decides to come, but my guess is that he suits up next season and another super team kicks it’s season off in the Bahamas.

Prediction: Picks Kentucky, reclassifies into 2018.

John Morgan Francis

I think Kentucky is a no-brainer for Maxey. According to 247 Sports, Kentucky has flip-flopped position with SMU over the last month. Add in that Maxey’s father no longer being a part of SMU’s staff, I think it’s safe to say Maxey will be a Wildcat.

However, I’m not convinced he’ll be here in the fall. I think Maxey stays in the 2019 class due to how inflated Kentucky’s guard position is for this coming season. With Quade Green’s return, the Cats will have Green, Immanuel Quickley, Jemarl Baker, Keldon Johnson and Tyler Herro.

With Ashton Hagans (more likely than not) reclassifying for the fall, I think there will be too much traffic at the position. However, Maxey will be a huge get for the 2019 class and hopefully aid in the recruitment of both James Wiseman and Vernon Carey.

Prediction: Picks Kentucky, stays in 2019 class

Alec Usleaman

Five-Star point guard Tyrese Maxey is expected to make his college commitment decision soon, and all of the stars are pointing to Kentucky. It’s almost a foregone conclusion that he will be a Wildcat. The only question remaining is whether or not he will be reclassifying to the 2018 class or staying in 2019.

The young guard could be looking at it two ways.

First, this a very guard heavy class for Kentucky and he wants to wait until next season so he can shine on his own.

Or the other option, he could see that with him joining the 2018 class that this could be the most deep and most talented back court Kentucky or anyone else has seen in a very long time.

I personally believe that he will be reclassifying to 2018 and that he plans to make his mark with this class right off the bat. The 6-3 guard is aggressive on both ends of the court which is something we were missing last year.

Having a guy who plays this brand of hard/physical ball will be huge for the team going forward. Adding him to the already very competitive team we have, you should expect great things in 2018.

Prediction: Picks Kentucky, reclassifies into 2018.

Tim Coleman

It has been said that Tyrese Maxey is going to make a decision to reclass and pick a school this week. I’ve also heard that he is just announcing his top schools this week.

I saw him play this past weekend at Nike EYBL Indianapolis. My opinion is he would play regardless of what guards are on Kentucky’s roster. He’s that good on both ends of the court.

Either way, if not this week, he will eventually pick Big Blue Nation.

Prediction: Picks Kentucky, reclassifies into 2018.

Nick Wheatley

Tyrese Maxey appears ready to make his college decision in the very near future. He is a 6-3, 185-pound combo guard, who can do a lot of things. He has an excellent shooting touch, but also can take the ball to the rack. Maxey gets after it at both end of the floor and he would be a great addition wherever he goes.

At this point, I think it’s a one-horse race. It’s all but written in stone that Maxey will be a Wildcat and join the team this coming fall. He’s a smart kid and only needs a couple more classes to reclassify and ultimately that’s what I think he’ll do.

The slip he had this weekend calling himself and Ashton Hagans “the duo” is right on point. Those two and Keldon Johnson are really going to frustrate teams defensively. Maxey will probably play both point guard and shooting guard, but don’t be surprised to see him slide down to the 3 in a small-ball lineup with three point guards. He just does so many things well.

He’s ready to pair up with Ashton Hagans and the the slew of guards John Calipari is bringing in next year.

Prediction: Picks Kentucky, reclassifies into 2018.

Drew Brown

Tyrese Maxey has been shredding the competition on the AAU circuit. He is a certified scoring machine. Maxey also looked very impressive leading South Garland High School to the 6A semifinal game where he dropped 46 points in a losing effort. The kid can really play.

Kentucky seems to be the overwhelming favorite as the landing spot for Maxey. The question remains about his intent to reclassify into the class of 2018 or remain in 2019.

It is obvious that he has the skill set to make the leap.

The comments he made recently about considering himself and Ashton Hagans a “duo” leads me to believe he will soon be wearing blue.

Kentucky is going to have an abundance of talent at the guard position next year. Maybe the most in the Cal era.

Buckle up, BBN.

Prediction: Picks Kentucky, reclassifies into 2018.

Adam Haste

Tyrese Maxey, the No. 2-ranked point guard in the 2019 class, is expected to make his college decision this week. He will more than likely either pick Kentucky or SMU.

Kentucky already has a commitment from the No. 1 point guard in 2019 in Ashton Hagans. One thing that stands out is both Hagans and Maxey are heavily considering reclassifying to the 2018 class.

If Cal can land Maxey with the 2018 class, Kentucky will have a loaded backcourt with several guards already set to be on the roster next season. March is won by having good guards who can take over the game and if we add Maxey it could be scary what this team can be.

Prediction: Picks Kentucky, reclassifies into 2018.

Jamie Boggs

Tyrese Maxey is one of the best scoring guards in the 2019 class, and could possibly be the top if he reclassifies to 2018. If he chooses UK and shares a backcourt with Quade Green, Immanuel Quickley, Tyler Herro, and presumably Ashton Hagans, you could be looking at one of the top back courts that we have seen in college basketball in quite some time.

With everything the 2014-2015 was down low, this team could be on the perimeter: very talented with a ton of depth. Given the fact that Maxey’s father left his position coaching at SMU around the time these “reclassifying and committing to Kentucky” rumors started flying, you have to think there is something to them.

And with the commitment coming in the spring when most players of his caliber wait for the fall, I am all in on Maxey in 2018.

Prediction: Picks Kentucky, reclassifies into 2018.