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Mark Stoops listed as one of the most overpaid coaches in college football

This appears to be a fairly random list.

Kentucky v Missouri Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Mark Stoops made $3.75 million in 2017, and currently has a contract through 2022 where is is scheduled to make $4.75 million in the final year. That is a lot of money.

Jennifer X Williams over at The Spun thinks it is way too much money. She allegedly ranked the top 5 most overpaid coaches in college football, although she confined her list to teams from Power 5 conferences.

The List

  1. Jim Harbaugh, Michigan Wolverines ($7 million)
  2. Kirk Ferentz, Iowa Hawkeyes ($4.55 million)
  3. Kliff Kingsbury, Texas Tech Red Raiders ($3.5 million)
  4. Lovie Smith, Illinois Illini ($3 million)
  5. Mark Stoops, Kentucky Wildcats ($3.75 million)

Are all of these guys overpaid? Maybe. Did I completely forget that Lovie Smith existed? Absolutely.

Williams had this to say about Stoops:

“Last year, Mark Stoops signed a contract extension through 2022. His new deal will pay him upwards of $4.75 million between 2021-22. And yet Stoops has only produced two winning seasons in which the Wildcats were barely over .500.”

In 2017, Stoops was ranked 22nd in earnings for all college football coaches, but he was ranked 8th in his own conference. He would be in the top 5 of any other Power 5 conference, but SEC schools pay coaches a lot of money compared to other conferences.

And yes, he made more than Kirby Smart when all was said and done.

After back to back 7-6 seasons, some could look at Stoops’ run as a disappointment. In Lexington, though, most fans are satisfied with a bowl appearance every year.

While taking a step forward to get 8 or 9 wins next year would cement him as being “appropriately payed,” the 2018 schedule is a bit more stiff than he has faced in recent years.

Could another .500ish season put him in the overpaid category? Are Kentucky fans okay with that as long as he wins more than he loses? Or do you believe he is already overpaid and belongs on this list?