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Patrick Towles moves on from football and becomes a missionary

Patrick has a new calling in life after football.

Auburn v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

These are the kind of stories that make you smile.

Former Kentucky Football quarterback, Patrick Towles, wrapped up his football career at the end of 2016 as a grad transfer for Boston College. After working at a bank for a couple years and volunteering as a coach at Paris High School, he’s decided to become a Catholic missionary.

He was the starting quarterback for Kentucky during the 2014 and 2015 seasons, putting up some solid numbers on the field. For his career, Towles threw for 5,099 yards (sixth in school history) and 24 touchdowns. He made some very memorable plays in big time games for UK.

But it’s what he did off the field as a leader that made him one of the fan favorites. Patrick was always someone who carried himself professionally and you knew you could trust him to make the right decisions.

On Patrick’s blog he announced his decision to pursue a life of missions:

“My path to accepting this job was all but ordinary,” Towles wrote. “It included lots of ups, lots of downs, low amounts of clarity, and a whole lot of trust. Although I don’t think anyone who decides to quit their job, leave their home, or shelf the expectations that they had for their life to be all the way sane either.”

We should all be proud of someone who has the courage to take on such a risk to do a lot of good.

“The lord was calling me back to Mission,” Patrick said. He will serve for an organization called FOCUS in their Varsity Catholic group. The group says their missionaries “mentor college athletes within their demanding schedules, teaching them to glorify God in their sport and in their daily lives.”

A big congratulations goes out to Patrick Towles for pursuing something that can truly make a difference in this world. All of BBN wishes him good luck and we’ll be sure to follow him on his journey to happiness!