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Kentucky Basketball: Kevin Knox NBA Draft Decision Update

Kevin Knox is so conflicted on what to do that he’s returning to Florida to decide with his family.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round-Buffalo vs Kentucky Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, Kevin Knox flew down to Florida to be with his family and make a decision regarding the NBA Draft

Knox was expected to return to Lexington this week and announce his decision, but the decision proved to be more challenging than expected.

Now, Knox is making yet another trip to Florida to be with his family and hopefully reach a final decision, according to SEC Country’s Kyle Tucker, who spoke with Kevin Knox Sr.

The expectation is for Knox to announce his decision on Twitter sometime Friday once he’s reached said decision.

While Knox is clearly undecided right now, it’s probably a good thing for UK that he hasn’t decided yet. Momentum for a return was high earlier this week, but as the week has gone on, the belief that Knox would ultimately go to the NBA has reemerged.

While I can only guess what Knox will do right now, I do feel confident in saying this has turned into one of, if not the closet call regarding an NBA decision in the Calipari era.

Sure, players have gone down to the wire in making their decisions, but no one went back and forth as much as Knox seemingly has in recent weeks.

We’ve also never seen a player so conflicted on what to do that he made two trips back home in the span of a week before ultimately reaching his decision.

Earlier, I projected this as a 55-45 slight edge to Knox going pro, but now, 50-50 feels more accurate.

Ultimately, I’m still guessing he leaves, and part of that is because I became 100-percent convinced he was a one and done during that memorable night in Morgantown:

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