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UK Recruiting: Ashton Hagans talks reclassification with Quade Green returning

If he moves into 2018, Ashton Hagans is ready to play with Quade Green.


There’s been a lot of talk surrounding Ashton Hagans and his reclassification for next season for quite some time now.

With the news of Quade Green’s return for his sophomore season, a lot of people have been wondering whether or not that affects Ashton’s decision. This weekend, he was competing in the Adidas Gauntlet, and Jason Jordan of USA Today caught up with him to discuss the situation.

“Not at all,” Ashton said. “I’ve watched film on Quade and I still do now and I love what he does, especially defensively. He’s a dog on defense and we both pick up 94 feet so I know we’d complement each other really well.”

This has to put a smile on a lot of the BBN for multiple reasons.

First, this confirms Hagans desire to reclassify. He’s been studying the current players on Kentucky’s roster for a long time, getting ready.

Second, he’s understanding the game at a deeper level and can back up why he thinks he can play with Quade effectively.

Finally, the thought of next years team having guards like Quade Green, Ashton Hagans, Immanuel Quickley, Keldon Johnson, Jemarl Baker, and Tyler Herro has to put fear in every single team in the country. It’s a defensive nightmare.

While Hagans said he’s still 50-50 on the decision, his comments here clearly state his excitement for the potential of playing on next years team.

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