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Dick Vitale wants to slow down the 3-point takeover

Dickie V talks about experimenting with the 3 point line

NCAA Basketball: Texas A&M at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The 3-point shot has been around in college basketball since 1986, so why are players just now falling in love with it?

Stephen Curry.

The Golden State Warriors’ all-star point guard absolutely took over the league with his lights out shooting from deep, and ever since the game has been changed. From the NBA to college hoops and even high school, more and more players are shooting threes.

Dick Vitale has had enough of it.

The college team that has brought this to the light this tournament has been Villanova. The Wildcats blew the Kansas Jayhawks away in their Final Four victory this past weekend behind a record-breaking performance of 13 threes in the first half. They finished the game going 18-40 from deep, and over the course of the tournament, they’ve made 66 threes (another NCAA record).

They went on to beat the Michigan Wolverines hitting 10-of-27 threes.

With Villanova taking over the tournament by shooting it so well from deep, Dickie V has purposed a change in NCAA men's basketball.

”The time has come to push the 3-point line back to the international distance and widen the lane,” Vitale said, via 247. “The game is becoming dominated too much by the 3-point shot. The time has come to push the 3-point line back to the international distance and widen the lane,”

Vitale then went on live with SportsCenter to talk about this same topic.

“I’ll tell you one thing — I firmly believe we are coming to a point where we must alter that 3-point line,” Vitale said. “It’s dominating the game so much and takes away from the flow and rhythm with what the game is really supposed to be about — pass, cut, drive. I would love to see them utilize what they did in the NIT. Widen the lane to 16 feet and also move the 3-point line back to the International rule, 22 feet, one inch. That would help the game and certainly minimize all the 3s that are being used.”

I think Dickie V has a point, and doing this would further prepare them for their pro careers. What do you think the NCAA should implement? Should the tournament follow suit with the NIT (Deeper 3 point line, 4 quarters instead of 2 halves, etc)?

What else should the NCAA look to change?