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Kentucky Basketball Recruiting: James Wiseman wants to play with Tyrese Maxey and Ashton Hagans

This is very good news for UK in the battle for the No. 1 player in 2019. He could also see himself playing with Vernon Carey.

Jon Lopez, Nike

The recruitment of James Wiseman is heating up now that UK has a real challenger for his services.

For much of the past year, UK has been the heavy favorite for arguably the best player in 2019. However, the Memphis Tigers are proving to be a serious threat to pry him away now that Penny Hardaway is their head coach.

But while all the buzz is centered on Memphis right now, UK may still be the favorite. It certainly sounds like that based on what Wiseman said at the Nike EYBL in Indianapolis this weekend.

Apparently, Wiseman wants to play in college with current UK commitment and potential UK pledge Tyrese Maxey, who could commit as early as next week.

Wiseman is also open to playing with Vernon Carey.

Those comments would seem to bode very well for UK. Hagans is expected to reclassify and be on UK’s campus next season. Maxey is widely expected to pick UK, and it’s looking more and more like he’ll be in Lexington next season as well.

Does that mean Wiseman is still thinking about reclassifying into 2018?

I doubt it. His comments are probably more indicative of a desire to play with those two in the 2019-20 basketball season.

But regardless which class Wiseman hopes to play with them in, it’s still very good news for UK that he wants to play with them in college.

Oh, and the thought of Wiseman and Vernon Carey in the same froncourt is just downright scary. If anyone can make that crazy dream a reality, it’s John Calipari, and it sounds like he’s giving it his best shot.

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