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Tyler Herro dominates Jordan Brand Classic in pop-a-shot; Keldon Johnson was his first victim

It is good to see these future Wildcats building strong chemistry already.

Kelly Kline - Under Armour

Kentucky signees Keldon Johnson and Tyler Herro participated in the Jordan Brand Classic a few weeks ago, and thanks to Overtime, we have video of some behind the scenes footage for the weekend.

One video features the two future Wildcats in a pop-a-shot battle, which resulted in immense amounts of trash talk.

Herro is known as a shooter, but the more you hear from folks that have been around him you find out that he is much more than that.

If his shooting on the court is at all a representation of what happened in the pop-a-shot video, Big Blue Nation will be very pleased. Not only does he put up big numbers, but he also takes down future teammate Keldon Johnson left-handed.

Johnson, viewed by many as one of the most competitive guys in the 2018 class, did not go down without a fight. And he certainly did not lack in trash talk. I have no doubt that the competition continued after this video ended. Johnson obviously does not like to lose.

Jack Pilgrim at Kentucky Sports Radio also captured some video at the Jordan Brand Classic, asking Duke and Kentucky commits about the rivalry. While there is no footage of the specific match-ups, it does seems as though Herro took care of business against the future Blue Devils on pop-a-shot as well.

Hopefully that is a little taste of what is to come on November 6th when Kentucky and Duke face off in the Champions Classic in Indianapolis.