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2018 Catspy Award Winners

Stephen Johnson was among those honored at the 2018 Catspy Awards.

University of Kentucky Athletic Department

The 16th annual Catspy Awards were held Monday in Memorial Coliseum to recognize athletic and academic performances during the 2017-18 year in Kentucky Wildcats sports.

37 individuals were recognized, including former quarterback Stephen Johnson, who played through multiple injuries over the past two seasons while leading his team to consecutive bowl berths.

Among the team award winners this year were the national championship UK rifle team, who won its second title under head coach Harry Mullins.

Here is a recap of all the award winners:

Heart of a Wildcat

Stephen Johnson (football)

Female Rookie of the Year

Sydney McLaughlin (women’s track and field)

Male Rookie of the Year

Henrik Larsen (rifle)

Female Scholar-Athlete of the Year

Alyssa Rice (women’s basketball)

Male Scholar-Athlete of the Year

Dillon Pulliam (men’s basketball)

Chris Meuth (men’s golf)

Gus Benson (men’s tennis)

Female Academic Team of the Year

Women’s swimming and diving

Male Academic Team of the Year

Men’s golf

Community Service Award

Alyssa Rice (women’s basketball)

Ethan Shalaway (men’s track and field)

Ann Davies (women’s swimming and diving)

Courtney Love (football)

Bill Keightley “Assist” Award

Jeff Poole (football, men’s and women’s soccer)

Female Performance of the Year

Olivia Gruver (women’s track and field)

Destiny Carter (women’s track and field)

Kayelle Clarke (women’s track and field)

Precious Hitchcock (women’s track and field)

Sha’Keela Saunders (women’s track and field)

Male Performance of the Year

Tim Duckworth (men’s track and field)

Henrik Larsen (rifle)

Benny Snell and the offensive line (football)

Scratch Award

Enrique Facusse (men’s soccer)

Bailey Vick (softball)

Supporting Role

Darian Mack (volleyball)

Blue Heart Award

Ashley Dusek (volleyball)

Brett Marshall (baseball)

Payton Atkins (women’s soccer)

Female Athlete of the Year

Leah Edmond (volleyball)

Asia Seidt (women’s swimming and diving)

Male Athlete of the Year

Evan White (baseball)

Sean Hjelle (baseball)

Henrik Larsen (rifle)

Mr. Wildcat

Sean Hjelle (baseball)

Miss Wildcat

Ashley Dusek (volleyball)

Coach of the Year

Harry Mullins (rifle)

Team of the Year