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Freddie Maggard hired as director of player development

Maggard is leaving his position at Kentucky Sports Radio to join the football program.

Former Kentucky Wildcats quarterback (and writer at Kentucky Sports Radio) Freddie Maggard has been hired by Kentucky as the football program’s director of player development, according to KSR.

“In his new job, he will be charged with helping UK players with life off the field, both while they are in college and beyond,” Matt Jones said in KSR’s report. “He will help UK players find internships, jobs after football, build career skills and overall become better men. It is a job that Freddie is perfect for and I am sure he will come along soon and explain more about it. We are thrilled for Freddie and know that the University is about to get a tremendous asset.”

Maggard will no longer be writing for KSR, for obvious conflict of interest reasons. Maggard was a four-year quarterback at Kentucky. Maggard threw for 1,515 yards in the 1989 season, which was good for seventh in the SEC that year.