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Kentucky Wildcats Recruiting: Tyrese Maxey decision could be coming soon, per Evan Daniels

It looks like Kentucky would be the choice if Tyrese Maxey reclassifies.

On April 9th, Kentucky added E.J. Montgomery to the 2018 recruiting class. The next day, Ashton Hagans committed with intentions of reclassifying to the 2018 class.

Almost every day since, Kentucky fans have been waiting on the shoe to drop with another 2019 guard, Tyrese Maxey, who is pondering reclassification as well. It seems that wait may be almost over.

“He’s still trying to sort that out and figure it out, but I would bet that we have an answer in the very near future,” Evan Daniels recently told Ben Roberts of the Lexington Herald-Leader.

While listed as a point guard by some outlets, he has become better known for his scoring and would likely play the shooting guard position should he choose Kentucky. His skill set is something the Wildcats could have used this season, but fortunately putting points on the board will never go out of style.

“He is just wired up to get buckets,” Daniels said. “And he can do it at all three levels. He’s tough. He’s competitive. He’s aggressive off the dribble. But I think scoring is where he really excels.”

Maxey’s decision has an interesting relationship with Quade Green’s consideration of the transfer. Many have assumed that John Calipari’s encouragement of Maxey’s reclassification either meant that he knew Green was planning to transfer, or that he was aware Maxey’s commitment would push Green out the door.

Earlier today, Cal apparently met with Green and laid out a plan for his role on the team regardless of Maxey’s arrival.

So, what is the plan if Maxey is able to reclassify? While he is still meeting with other schools as part of the process, Daniels feels good about Kentucky’s chances to land him.

“I think — if he’s going to reclassify to 2018 — I’d probably classify Kentucky as the favorite.”

That’s music to BBN’s ears.