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Kentucky Football Spring Game Thread

All eyes will be on the quarterbacks.

Jeremy Chisenhall

Tonight is the Kentucky Football Spring Game, and fans will have their first chance to see the Wildcats on the gridiron.

It is a near certainty fans will have their eyes on the quarterback situation, as the battle for the starting QB continues on between Gunnar Hoak, Terry Wilson, and Danny Clark.

The quarterback battle won’t be decided Friday night, but fans will at least get a glimpse of the three in action. Hoak has looked great during the last two spring games, so a strong performance isn’t necessarily an indicator of who has the lead, but this will be one of the most-watched position groups.

Outside of that, fans will get their first look at (what should be) an improved defensive line and freshman linebacker De’Andre Square who has been drawing rave reviews in practice, among other things.


The weather seems to be great for tonight. That should be a major positive for attendance.

ESPN’s FPI isn’t too high on Kentucky this year. Maybe that will be a motivation for the players to outperform expectations.

Sit back, stay right here and enjoy the game for the exhibition that it is, and start getting excited for next season!