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A pair of Kentucky Wildcats had minor NCAA violation for working with a trainer in the summer

And it was a former Louisville player who gave the free workouts.

A pair of Kentucky Wildcats were temporarily ineligible to play prior to the 2017-18 college hoops season, according to Fletcher Page of the Louisville Courier-Journal.

The violation was very minor, however, as it came for accepting free training sessions over the summer, and the players were quickly made eligible again. The report doesn’t say who the players were, but it sounds like it was freshman center Nick Richards and redshirt freshman guard Hamidou Diallo.

Thankfully, both players were made eligible again once they paid the value of their training to a charity of their choice as restitution.

Ironically, it was a former Louisville player who gave the free workouts.

Here is an excerpt from Page’s report:

The violation, dated Feb. 1, 2018, and obtained by Courier Journal through the state’s open records law, reveals two basketball players worked for free with former Louisville player Chris Brickley, a popular personal trainer for NBA stars, for two weeks during summer vacation. A member of the NCAA enforcement development staff emailed UK’s compliance office with links to online posts about the student-athletes working out with Brickley.

This is really just another example of the NCAA rules being a joke. Thankfully, it appears nothing really came for this other than the players having to pay back the money they would have otherwise had to spend on those workouts.

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