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Why Kentucky fans are going to love Keldon Johnson

When Keldon Johnson takes the court next season, it won't take long before this fanbase falls in love with the way this kid plays

Basketball: Spalding Hoophall Classic Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky has had plenty of fan favorite stars in the John Calipari era, from John Wall and Boogie all the way through Fox and Monk.

Next season, I see another player that the fanbase is going to love to watch game in a game out.

Keldon Johnson.

Johnson has a personality that fans will love, and he plays with a fire that can’t be taught.

So, why is this fanbase going to love Keldon Johnson?

He gives 110% every minute he is in

It is common to see players that aren’t always engaged into the game or don’t go as hard as possible the entire time. Well, that isn’t who Johnson is, Johnson goes as hard as he can the entire time he is on the floor. It also, doesn’t matter if it a scrimmage game or an All-Star game he plays like it’s the national championship.

For example, in the McDonald's All-American game he made big defensive plays down the stretch to secure the win for his side. It was in an All-Star type of game where defense barley exists.

It's all about the flashy highlight reel but Johnson wanted to win and played his hardest on the defensive end. That is a motor that this fanbase will rally around and love to watch the hustle he shows on the floor.

He is a trash talker and very vocal

Now, I understand that some people may not like all the trash talk that goes on in games, but me personally, I really enjoy when a player is constantly in the ear of the other team. We have had some big trash talkers over the years and Johnson is going to join the list of players that do it the most.

However, not all he does is talk trash. He is very loud at calling out what is happening on defense. For example, he calls out screens and switches. He already communicates with his team well and that goes a long way to having a successful defense to avoid getting lost or leaving guys alone for open shots.

He is tough and will do anything he can to help his team win

Right after the McDonald’s Game, Johnson flew to meet up with his high school team to play in the GEICO Nationals Tournament. Early in the game he came down on his ankle odd and sprained it. He missed the rest of the game, but his team was up big.

The next day, they were playing for a spot in the championship game. He sat out the entire first half because he could barely walk. However, in the third quarter with his team was trailing, he wanted to go into the game to help his team. He checked in and was able to knock down some shots.

Although his team lost, Johnson showed just how tough he is and how much he cares about winning. That is the type of player that we need at Kentucky and the type of player that this fanbase should love all season because of the way he plays.

Keldon Johnson will become a fan favorite once he gets to UK.