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Louisville and Lexington will be future NCAA Tournament venues

The idea of a Louisville regional next year is appealing.

Louisville and Lexington will be hosting NCAA Tournament games in the near future, according to a list of sites released in the Sporting News.

Louisville will be a regional site for the 2019 NCAA Tournament with games being played at the KFC YUM! Center. That thought is enticing with the possibility of a top-level Kentucky team next year with the possibility of being placed in a Louisville regional.

Other regional sites for next year’s tournament include Washington D.C., Kansas City, and Anaheim.

The regionals will be taking place March 28-31, 2019.

In 2019, Kentucky could be looking at a path with first and second round games in a location like Columbus, Ohio with a regional in Louisville and a Final Four in Minneapolis.

Lexington will be the host of first and second round tournament games in 2021. However, NCAA Tournament teams cannot play tournament games on their home court. Those in Lexington would be able to attend and enjoy some NCAA Tournament action though.

Final Four sites for the next few years include Minneapolis in 2019, Atlanta in 2020, Indianapolis in 2021, and New Orleans in 2022.

A regional site in Louisville with Kentucky playing would absolutely be a packed out arena. One can only hope...