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UK Basketball: Another slightly encouraging Jarred Vanderbilt injury update

John Calipari would like to have Jarred Vanderbilt in Atlanta.

Missouri v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Will he or won’t he.

That will be the question for at least three more days in regards to Jarred Vanderbilt playing Thursday when the Kentucky Wildcats face the Kansas State Wildcats.

Earlier Monday, John Calipari posted what appeared to be an encouraging tweet in terms of the status of Vanderbilt.

Then during his Monday call-in show, Calipari said he’d love to have Vanderbilt back for the Sweet 16.

“We’ll see. It would be nice to have one more guy. It makes us a different team,” said Cal. “He gives you one more. It may be we don’t need to play him, but I want to see if he can play.”

While that doesn’t seem too encouraging, it is an upgrade over what Cal has been saying for the past two weeks. When Vanderbilt initially sprained his ankle two weeks ago, Cal consistently said it was unlikely the freshman forward would play in the SEC Tournament.

Last week was more of the same, as Cal kept saying it was unlikely Vanderbilt would play against Davidson and then Buffalo.

So, hearing Cal actually say he’d like to see Vanderbilt play is actually a positive development. Whether it actually means Vanderbilt plays this week remains to be seen, but it sounds like Cal is at least keeping that option open.

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