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Steph Curry loses March Madness bet to Kelenna Azubuike

Kelenna knows what’s up.

IUPUI v Kentucky

Two-time league MVP and NBA Champion Stephen Curry made a bet earlier this week that I’m sure he now regrets.

Curry is an alumni to the University of Davidson, the team that the Kentucky Wildcats beat in the 1st round of the NCAA Tournament on Friday.

Since leaving Davidson for the NBA, Curry has racked up a few rewards: Two MVP's, two Championships, a 73-win season, multiple 3-point records, and the list goes on. His pedigree as an NBA player needs no defending, but one thing the all-star may want to steer clear of is betting on his Alma Mater.

Former NBA player and UK alumni Kelenna Azubuike made a bet with Curry over the Kentucky v. Davidson game. If Davidson would’ve won, Azubuike would have to wear Steph’s Davidson jersey for his pregame/postgame show, and if Kentucky won (which they did) Steph would then have to wear Azubuike’s Kentucky jersey to a shoot-around or pregame workout.

Thankfully Kentucky brought home the W, and anyone who wished Curry would’ve been a Wildcat will get to see him rock Kentucky blue.

Let’s hope he follows through with the bet sooner rather than later.