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Join the 2018 NCAA Tournament ASoB Bracket Challenge — BRACKETS LOCK AT 12:15 EST!

Let’s embarrass ourselves together.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four Preview
A totally unnecessary massive physical bracket at the 2017 Final Four.
David Wallace-USA TODAY Sports

It’s NCAA Tournament season, so it’s time for another edition of the ASoB Bracket Challenge. Make your picks and compete against your fellow ASoBers.

Here is the invitation link and the password is BAM.

This year, burning questions include:

*Jevon Carter...22 or 62?

*What is Kentucky’s ceiling?

*Am I the only one who was sad when Glacier left WCW in 1999? Talk about unrealized potential.

*How will De’Andre Hunter’s absence affect overall number 1 seed Virginia’s performance?

*How many Nevada players will get hurt?

*When, if at all, will Jarred Vanderbilt play?

*Is a hot dog a sandwich?

*Will Villanova have any challengers in the East region?

*Is Arizona underrated, properly rated, or overrated?

*Does DeAndre Ayton need a restraining order against NYCCats?

*Will Syracuse last long enough for Jim Boeheim to pick his gaping nostril on national TV?

*Which 2 seed goes down in the first weekend?

*Most importantly, what the hell ever became of Valery the Russian after the Pine Barrens episode of “The Sopranos?”

Make sure to lock your picks in by the Thursday 12:15 p.m. EST deadline. Happy selecting and good luck.