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UK determines no violations occurred with current Kentucky Wildcats; Kevin Knox should play vs Missouri Tigers

UK is in the clear for now, and Kevin Knox should play vs Missouri.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Texas A&M C. Morgan Engel-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Knox will take the floor and play today vs the Missouri Tigers.

On Saturday morning, Kentucky issued a statement regarding the new Yahoo Sports report, and they determined no rules violations occurred, so no current players are facing eligibility issues.

”In reference to the Yahoo! Sports men’s basketball article, the University of Kentucky immediately reviewed the matter and, based on the available information, determined that there were no eligibility issues or rules violations for any current student-athletes or staff related to Friday’s report. Kentucky will continue to work diligently with both the NCAA and the Southeastern Conference.”

There were some questions if Kentucky would sit Knox out after he was implicated in a Yahoo Sports report yesterday in which Knox was listed as someone who met or had a meal with Christian Dawkins, who was part of ASM Sports Agency which is at the center of the FBI’s probe into college basketball.

Few details were released about Knox’s involvement, so his role in the situation remains unclear. Nothing was provided at the time to indicate that Knox’s meal was paid for by Dawkins or if money was exchanged in any kind of way.

Knox’s father even went as far as to say a dinner meeting never occurred at all.

Kentucky is performing an internal review and since Knox will participate today, it seems as if the folks around the basketball program are not too overly concerned with Knox’s involvement in the report yesterday.

That is a positive sign, as Knox has been a critical piece of Kentucky’s strong play over the last two games, averaging 18 points per game in wins versus Alabama and Arkansas. For Kentucky to have any chance to make a run in the tournament this year, Knox will have to play well.

Hopefully Knox’s name will be cleared from the investigation soon.