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Adam Silver says NBA is “conflicted” over one-and-done rule

It’s starting to sound like one and done may not be leaving as soon as originally expected.

2015 NBA Draft Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The one-and-done rule has been in question for quite some time now.

Do you allow players to go into the league right after high school, or do you require at least two years outside of high school/in college?

It’s driven the minds of players, coaches, and parents everywhere crazy.

This weekend, Adam Silver gave an update on the status of this rule.

“There’s a lot going on” was his answer when asked what kind of timeline he envisioned of changing that rule.

Based on his answer, it seems like there’s still a lot of time left before a decision is made. He stated that the NBA is “conflicted” in their part of the decision making process. Silver went on to explain that there are “a lot of variables” that have a heavy impact into making a decision as life-changing as this one could be.

Some of those variables include questions like:

“Is it morally right to tell someone that they’re required to stay in College for two years before they’re eligible for the NBA?

“Would allowing players to enter the draft immediately end up aging down the NBA, resulting in key veterans losing their job?”

“Will changing this rule affect College Basketball positively or negatively?”

All of these are tough questions that Silver and others have to answer and contemplate before any decision is made. He made it clear that they’re going to take their time with this decision because they know how much of an impact it can have on players everywhere.

From a Kentucky standpoint, this could both benefit and hurt the Wildcats. Calipari likes to specifically recruit one-and-done players. Sure, some could use two years in College, but numbers support that most of them truly only need 1 year.

So, if the rule is changed and they either have to do two years of college or go to the league directly after high school, don’t be surprised when a lot of these top ranked recruits choose the NBA path over college.

There was some belief that one and done could end by 2019, but based on Silver’s remarks, it may not be leaving anytime soon.