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UK Basketball: Alleged bodyguard of Tai Wynyard arrested over the weekend

Tai Wynyard’s alleged bodyguard is now in trouble with the law.

Illinois-Chicago v Kentucky Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

The UK student who was accused of attending a party with a firearm to protect Tai Wynyard was arrested over the weekend.

According to the Lexington Police Department, Aaron Steele was taken to the Lexington Fayette County Jail and charged with fourth-degree assault, which involved violence with a minor injury.

“We can’t give out the probable cause at this time,” Lexington police Lt. Jackie Newman said, via the Courier Journal. “It was considered dating violence, so it was likely related to someone he was dating or was with. That’s all the information we have at this time.”

Steele has been a subject in an investigation by UK into the alleged incident both he and Wynyard were involved with. Steele was allegedly armed and with Wynyard at a recent party. Wynyard has since been suspended indefinitely by head coach John Calipari.

UK has not yet specified of Wynyard’s suspension is in relation to the incident with Steele.

We will keep you posted if any more details come out on this situation.