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The Big Blue Nation should stick with Quade Green

Green is tied for the most assists on the team while playing just 18 minutes per game.

Drew Brown - Sea of Blue

With three talented freshman guards on the roster, it can become easy to forget about Quade Green.

It’s true that he doesn’t have size like Immanuel Quickley, the offensive capabilities of tyler Herro, or the defensive qualities of Ashton Hagans. But I still believe that this team needs Green to be a contributor if they are to maximize their potential.

Not only does he have the experience of playing a full college basketball season, but he can also do some things better than the other guards. Even though he has been tasked with playing off the ball more so far this season, I still believe that Green is an underrated passer, and it is proven by the fact that he has the most assists on the team right now. His 21 assists are impressive considering that he is only playing an average of 18 minutes per game.

Whenever Green is in the game, I just get the sense that he is more comfortable on the offensive end then Quickley and Hagans, who are both still trying to figure things out, which is understandable. Green is 11/26 from behind the arc, which puts him at 42% on the year, considerably higher than the other front-court players.

For perspective, Tyler Herro is 12/38 from three this season, which is only 31%. There have been numerous times this season where Green has stepped up to make a big shot for his team and I expect there will be more opportunities for him to do so.

Green has turned the ball over 18 times this year which ties him with PJ Washington for the most on the team. His play at times can be erratic, and let’s face it, his size can be a challenge that is difficult to overcome in certain game situations. If he can make a concerted effort to take care of the ball while making easy passes he could see his minutes increase heading into conference play. The next few games will be crucial for Immanuel Quickley to find his niche in the rotation, if he is unable to do so that may open the door for Green to get some reps at point guard.

After spending some time around Green this year, it is always so obvious that he has a great attitude. His teammates love him and he seems genuinely content with whatever role he is given. Raised in Philly, there is no questioning the toughness that Green brings to the table, at his size he is used to fighting for everything that he has. After the win against UNCG, Coach Calipari, made comments regarding players that were struggling to find playing time, which included Green.

“Things gotta change, and the only person that can change it is the individual player, whether it’s PJ, whether it’s Nick, whether it’s Quade. I can’t do it for them. And like I said after the game, what I did like about Quade after the game, he was fabulous. Fabulous.” Cal said.

There will be a game this year that Green wins for this Kentucky team. He has been there before, and he is still a major asset to this team considering the long grind of the SEC and postseason schedule. The Big Blue Nation should stick with him.