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PJ Washington’s pink shoes honor his grandmother

Many people questioned his shoe choice, but his reason for wearing them is touching.

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

Many fans were left questioning PJ Washington’s shoe choice when the Kentucky Wildcats took on Monmouth, as Washington stepped on the court wearing pink shoes. Some thought it was another instance of players being creative with their shoe choice, but as it turns out, the reason behind Washington’s unique kicks is honoring someone he loves.

According to Kentucky Sports Radio’s Tyler Thompson, the shoes were a tribute to Washington’s grandmother, who is battling breast cancer. Washington’s mother confirmed the news to KSR. Washington’s grandmother, Susie Tucker, lives in Memphis.

Shoe choice has drawn a little controversy among fans as players on this year’s Kentucky team have opted for some interesting and unique footwear during games this year. While opinions vary on that issue, I think we can all agree that PJ’s pink shoes are a touching tribute to someone who obviously means a lot to him.

We offer up our best wishes to PJ’s family during this time. It’s hard to imagine how hard it can be to play at a place like Kentucky with so much attention on him while he’s dealing with this behind the scenes.

The full story from Kentucky Sports Radio can be found here.

You can also check out PJ on this week’s episode of This Is Kentucky Basketball:

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