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John Calipari pokes fun at bandwagon fans

Swaggy Cal poked fun at bandwagon fans after UK’s win over Louisville.

Kentucky v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

John Calipari was in peak form after beating in state rival Louisville.

After rattling off their third straight win since losing a heartbreaker to Seton Hall, Calipari shut down every fan who gave up on the team after that loss.

“The fans that have really followed how I’ve done this for 10 years, never mind. The fans that are mad that our kids are in the NBA making $1.5 billion, they’re not changing. The reality of it is, the fans that really follow us, they know this is a process.

“We’ve had teams that went until late February before they got it. And our fans stuck with it. The others they were chirping and doing their thing, I don’t pay attention to it.”

Cal really let the negative members of the fanbase know he isn’t affected by them.

“We have the greatest fans. Let me say this. As a coach, Kentucky is, like, what you want. You never have to sell a ticket. You never have to worry about people being excited about games. You could play in a storm and there’s 20,000 people in that building.

“You know that the hardcore people adopt these players, and they become their sons and grandsons. But you also know that there’s a small percentage of them out there that are crazy. I don’t pay any attention to them.

“Now, here’s a good thing. They’ll never steal my joy. They never will. So you make yourself angry and go crazy, make yourself angry and go crazy. And I’ll be smiling. ‘Why’s he always smiling? That guy smiles all the time.’”

Cal didn’t stop there either, as he also fired back at the ones who attack him personally on social media.

“I don’t watch it, I don’t read it. So if you’re on the internet or you’re sending me emails, I don’t have email, so you can’t send me email. If I need to talk to someone, I go in the bathroom and I turn the water on. You’re not emailing me. I don’t need the Twitter, the Facebook. I don’t read it.”

From the sound of his press conference, it would appear Cal’s got his swagger back.

Kentucky has looked like an entirely different team in recent weeks. Led by stellar point guard play from Ashton Hagans, Kentucky’s played fantastic on both sides of the ball. They’ve strung together two nearly wire to wire wins over both North Carolina and Louisville. It feels like the team has really bought into Coach Cal’s system and style of play.

Since before the season began, Cal reiterated time and time again this team would be a process. He said these players specifically would need extra time to work together before they’d play to their full potential. It’s looks like he’s finally got the team playing up to level of preseason expectations.

Cal is never the one to shy away from the media. He’s always been open about how he feels about a team or saying what he feels.

So, if we’re hearing cocky Coach Cal in post game press conferences, it’s safe to say UK is in a good place.