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Kentucky signee Dontaie Allen to miss time with knee injury

Allen is scheduled to get an MRI after visiting UK for a practice.

Alex Walker WKYT Sports

Kentucky basketball signee Dontaie Allen will not play in this week’s Ashland Invitational Tournament despite earlier reports to the contrary, according to Zack Klemme.

David Sisk adds that Allen is expected to attend a UK practice today.

Shortly after the Kentucky Wildcats knocked off the North Carolina Tar Heels Saturday night, Allen tweeted out that he was in the hospital. Pendleton County was facing off against Cooper in the Philip Wood Classic when Allen came down with a knee injury in the second quarter and did not return to the game.

However, our minds were put to ease when both Allen and his coach confirmed that x-rays showed no serious injuries had occurred.

The problem is that x-rays don’t show ligament or muscle damage like MRI’s do. I’d hoped Pendleton County head coach Keaton Belcher misspoke, but that wasn’t the case.

It seems the 6-6 wing is going to need some more time to recover.

Allen scored a career-high 57 points on Friday, and he has put up at least 50 points in six of 12 games this season leading up to the game on Saturday. He leads the state in both scoring and rebounding. And he continues to look ready to take his game to the next level and become the next elite scorer for UK.

But for now, let’s just hope this injury is nothing serious and Allen can get back on the floor sooner rather than later.