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Quade Green to transfer

Green is hoping to find greener pastures elsewhere.

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It’s official: Quade Green is leaving UK.

It’s been a rocky season for the Kentucky Wildcats thus far, and it took another unexpected turn Wednesday.

Sophomore point guard Quade Green is considering a transfer from the the university, according to Kyle Tucker of The Athletic. Derek Terry of CatsPause reports that Green has already made his final decision to leave. TJ Walker of KSR added this:

The news is probably coming this week due in part to finals taking place, thus giving Green a chance to evaluate his current situation and decide if he wants to be elsewhere when the next college semester begins.

And by transferring mid-semester, that will allow him to be eligible at his next school in the second semester of the 2019-20 season. Green also considered a transfer over the summer but opted to return.

After beginning the season in a competition for one of the starting guard spots, Green has slowly seen his role decrease. He played in just eight minutes against UNC Greensboro, which was easily Kentucky’s best game of the season. Then, Green played in just 10 minutes in the overtime loss to Seton Hall.

Making matters worse for Green is he’s become a turnover machine recently. He’s committed 15 turnovers over the last five games vs. just eight assists. He’s also a major liability on defense, making it hard to keep him on the floor.

However, Green is easily the team’s best three-point shooter right now, and Kentucky ranks near the bottom of most three-point statistics. That’s part of why Kentucky already has two losses after opening the season as the No. 2 preseason team and haven’t looked like even a top-25 team.

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