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Social media reactions to UK beating UNCG

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And a great tribute for Joe B. Hall.

UK Athletics

On this plentiful day of sports, Kentucky came out of it with an impressive win against a talented UNGC team.

It was a lot closer than the final score shows. The Cats had their handful against a well coached UNGC team. To start the game, Francis Alonso was unstoppable, hitting 2 quick threes in the beginning, and finishing 5-7 from beyond the arc.

Kentucky trailed at the half and went back-and-forth for most of the second, eventually pulling away with 5 minutes left to go in the game.

Reid Travis led the charge today while Tyler Herro gave them a late spark to pull away. It was a great test for the team and now it’s time to prepare for Seton Hall next week!

Here’s what social media had to say about the grind-it-out game from the Wildcats:

Did Kentucky find their main 5 today?


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