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Sunday Quickies: Cats Lose the East Edition

Kentucky loses the East but there is still history to be made.

Georgia v Kentucky Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It was a fun week, wasn’t it?

Fret not, Big Blue Nation. The Georgia Bulldogs are just a better team than the Kentucky Wildcats. There’s no shame in that. They have decades of tradition as a football school and the Cats are just now making their way up the latter in the conference.

The reality is that UK has a very special season still on the horizon. 10-2 is a distinct possibility as is an invitation to a New Year’s Day bowl game that’s player somewhere sunny and warm.

Does it stink that Kentucky blew a chance to do something amazingly special? Of course it does. But remember what the expectations of this team were at the beginning of the season. Nationally folks had this team winning between 4-6 games. The Cats have already eclipsed that mark.

Let’s read all the headlines this morning and then let’s get over it.

Not it’s all about the Tennessee Volunteers.

Tweets of the Day

I think we all need to adopt this mentality.

Still four games to go.

This was a complete and total “look at me” flag from the official. Bogus and unwarranted.


History slips through UK’s fingers | WDRB- Mark Stoops has something special going in Lexington and Kentucky will be back in this position as long as he is still on the sidelines. I don’t think there was anything different coaching wise that could have been done to alter the outcome yesterday.

Kickoff time and TV for UK at UT | Cats Pause- The Cats will be back in action on Saturday at 3:30 PM on SEC Network to do something they haven’t done since 1984: beat Tennessee in Knoxville.

Early top 25 | CBS- Georgia gets a boost to fifth place while the Cats fall three spots to 12. Which I think is completely fair and correct if that is what happens.

SEC power rankings | Saturdays Down South- Georgia and Alabama set themselves apart as the class of the SEC East and West yesterday, leaving no doubts. The Cats remain in the top five of the conferences which is a nice consolation prize.

Most important takeaways from the top 25 | ESPN- Georgia forced Kentucky to win without Benny Snell and it didn’t work out for the Cats. I think Terry Wilson had a fine game and did enough to keep the Cats in the game, but the defense was completely outclassed which is something we didn’t see coming. Still, haven’t been 10-2 since 1977 so there’s plenty left to play for.

College football bowl projections | Cats Pause- The Fiesta Bowl vs. UCF would be all kinds of fun if the Cats can run the table the rest of the way.

Alabama shuts out LSU in Death Valley | CBS- It had all of the makings for a special night in Baton Rouge but the Tide is just too damn good for any magic. 29-0 means that Alabama is peerless in the SEC. The only other team I can see even hanging with them is Clemson. Speaking of...

Louisville’s season of awful continues | WDRB- 77-16 was the final score as the Clemson Tigers completely embarrass the Louisville Cardinals. Dabo Swinney had a wide receiver playing QB at the end of the game. Clemson could have shut out UofL and hing 100 on them if they wanted.

West Virginia makes its move in the power rankings | ESPN- Will Grier and the Mountaineers defeated the Texas Longhorns in dramatic fashion yesterday as they move up the power rankings. Is it enough to crash the college football playoffs?