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Darius West, Bunchy Stallings ejected: What it means moving forward

A pair of controversial calls hit Kentucky on both sides of the ball.

South Carolina v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Kentucky Wildcats Bunchy Stallings and Darius West were ejected from today’s game against the Georgia Bulldogs.

West was ejected on a targeting call in the third quarter and since it was after halftime, West will miss the first half of the Tennessee game next week, which is a big loss to this defense.

He’s been a force in the secondary, and his impact was evident in this one as Kentucky’s defense really struggled when he went out.

Here’s the play:

Pretty cut and dry there. A bad decision by West and it will cost Kentucky as they lose one of their top defensive players and leaders going into a huge road matchup against Tennessee next week.

Luckily, Kentucky has some depth at the position, but West brings a lot to the table and it hurts to lose him in a big game next week.

And here’s the incident in question with Stallings:

That call is questionable at best, and Stallings is a major player for Kentucky.

For some fans, it brought back memories of the Benny Snell bowl game ejection from last year.

Ahh, SEC officiating...

Anyhow, the suspension will not lead to Stallings missing any time next week against the Tennessee Volunteers.